Zombie, Horror & Movie Links

Page of links, sites, curiosities, articles and other stuff on the web related to Zombies, Horror Films, B-Movies and more.

Shogun Assassin – resource site about the cult (and very violent) film Shogun Assassin.

Realm of Horror – Horror news, reviews and features with a UK flavour

Bricks of the Dead – an awesome webcomic about life, death, love, and zombies. Some great zombie action all done with Lego.

365Horror – a UK site that sets itself the challenge of horror films every day ‘365 days, 365 films, 365 reviews. Can it be done?‘. Here is a link to their zombie marathon ‘Z month

House of Mysterious Secrets – online horror shop with rare T-shirts, posters, soundtracks and much more.

Racks and Razors – Huge horror/cult film site full of reviews, interviews, and much more.

Oh My Gore! – Horror movie news and reviews, interviews, videos….

Cinematic Shocks – in depth analysis on horror and exploitation cinema.

The Dead Times – Everything “Zombie” collected into one brain-chomping Resource of the Dead.

Monster Shack – Movie review site ‘Bravely watching the movies that others don’t dare…’

Zombies & Toys – collectibles, media, and the walking dead.

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse…because it WILL happen. Great site with reviews, interviews and loads more.

Zombie Mall – Zombie Mall is full of interviews, essays, reviews, and much more. Zombies like hanging around in malls, we have known that since Dawn of the Dead in 1978, so you should pay Zombie Mall a visit.

Zombie Ranch – an online comic detailed the life of a rancher in a post-zombie apocalypse as she replaces her livestock business with zombies (livestock > deadstock).

The Horror Section – Huge amount of horror news and reviews with emphasis on the VHS era.

Rising Dead LOTD Community Forum – Huge community and forum of all things zombie, from movies to tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse.