Cent une tueries de zombies

Zombie Kills (the best zombie kill video)

 Cent une tueries de zombies

When we say this is probably the best video compilation of zombie kills, we aren’t exaggerating.

In fact, to call this a Kill Count video is to do the video a huge disservice – this is a loving tribute to the zombie movie genre which collects together hundreds of clips from famous, and obscure, zombie movies to create a huge montage of zombie destruction that loosely follows the basic plotline and story arc of most zombie movies. It is like every zombie movie ever made compressed into 40+ mins of near zombie perfection.

What do we mean by that? Well, this video is over 40 minutes long and is structured in a similar way to the classic zombie movie plot, for example, it opens with shots from Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and some great footage of Nightmare City to present the beginning of the outbreak. You see the outbreak slowly taking shape through the scenes of various films, before it explodes into a full on apocalypse, which is kicked off with some great footage from ‘Nightmare City’ (again) where the military plane lands at the airport and the infected people/zombies jump out and start attacking everyone on the runway.

It then moves into the middle act where people are trying to survive as the outbreak escalates featuring plenty of footage from Dawn of the Dead, Burial Ground, Zombi 2, and many more.

It then moves on to the human fightback, with out and out carnage supplied from films as diverse as BrainDead, Wild Zero, before settling in to the mournful ending illustrated with clips from Hell of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Dead Heat, Survival of the Dead and many more.

This is a wonderful tribute, and you should share its existence with any horror or zombie fans that you may know.

The video was created by Colin Geddes and directed and edited by Michael Lane.

101 Zombie Kills aka ‘Cent une tueries de zombies’: