Zombie 4: After Death

Zombie 4: After Death (1988)

Zombie 4: After Death

Zombie 4: After Death is a low-budget Italian horror film that was released in 1989 and is also known by its Italian title ‘Oltre la morte‘. The film has also been released under the title ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters 3‘, even though it is totally unrelated to Fulchi’s original film.

Zombie 4: After Death looks and plays like a sub-par made for TV movie; the SyFy channel would even demand something of higher quality.

The movie opens with a group of researchers on an island discovering that some of the locals have been practicing voodoo and are making the dead walk the Earth.

Years after the zombies have killed off all of the research party, the daughter of two of the researchers, the remaining survivor returns to the island with a group of mercenaries to try and uncover what exactly the hell happened, only for a group of unrelated hikers to bring the dead back to life and generally cause mayhem.

The plot is a patchwork quilt of nonsense, with situations and people being shoe-horned together with little explanation or reason just to keep that movie moving.

Zombie 4 After Death

Zombie 4 After Death

The zombie makeup effects in this movie lay somewhere between “barely trying” and “wait, this isn’t a werewolf movie?”. Seriously: Much of the zombie make-up makes the faces of the zombies look puffy and swollen with pronounced teeth.

And not much of the faces of the actors playing the zombies are covered either, meaning that the makeup department decided to take what little money it had to create the signature creatures of the movie and make every wrong decision possible when designing and applying that makeup. Also, despite the zombies being explicitly zombies of the voodoo origins, they tend to run around and hold themselves like extras in a Planet of the Apes knock-off.

Not much about his picture makes sense, and it gets increasingly hard to either cut the movie some slack or laugh at it in response. After about twenty minutes, you wish someone would just take the movie out behind the shed and put a bullet in its brain.

Zombie 4 Claudio Fragasso

Zombie 4 After Death

The only major item of note in the entire movie is that it is directed by Claudio Fragasso under the pseudonym Clyde Anderson.

For the uninitiated: Fragasso is the visionary behind the beloved cult trash heap that is Troll 2, a serious contender for best so-bad-it’s-good movie of all time.

Unfortunately, while Zombie 4 After Death is certainly bad, it never reaches the transcendent moments of awfulness reached by Fragasso’s most famous creation.

Nothing about Zombie 4 After Death seems intentional. The entire thing appears cobbled together from the dreams of first year film students and the worst community college in the world, complete with period appropriate synth power jam that appears at various times throughout the picture. It is one of those movies that you end up feeling sorry for all of the people that put in hard, though unsuccessful, work into something that will never be truly enjoyed or pursued. Zombie 4 After Death should be avoided at all costs.

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Written by: JJ Perkins