The Other Side

‘The Other Side’ (2014) gets North American release date

The Other Side

The Other Side‘ is an independent zombie film that was premiered in 2014 and was directed by Raymond Mongelli, and Chris Niespodzianski.

This is a character based zombie movie that mixes interweaving storylines with bursts of frenetic action. It offers a few twists in the plot that lifts this movie’s ambitions above many independent zombie films that are currently being churned out, and its one that should definitely be on your radar.

Here is a description of the movie direct from Team Orchard themselves:

Filmed in the birthplace of celluloid zombies — Pittsburgh, PA — The Other Side is a “zombie flick with a twist” that will leave your jaw hanging and mind begging for more!

Imagine the dawn of the apocalypse springing up in a small Pennsylvania town, where the daily struggles of the locals quickly take a backseat as people start disappearing. The small town police force quickly finds out that it is ill-equipped for the chaos that descends upon sleepy Elkwood, PA, and one man struggles to not only keep his family together, but alive.

The plot follows a man’s attempts to find his family who have gone missing. It turns out that his issue is not unique when he contacts the local sheriff only to find out that multiple missing persons have been reported….and to make matters worse mutilated bodies are also being found.

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side‘ will be available on September 1st on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Hulu, and various cable/satellite channels, so keep an eye out.

Watch the trailer:

The Other Side – Official Trailer from Ray Mongelli on Vimeo.