Spoiler (2012)

‘Spoiler’ is a US short zombie film from writer and director Daniel Thron. Thron has a strong pedigree and he has written and directed a number of video games, and has worked professionally in Visual Effects on a number of mainstream movies.

‘Spoiler’ is Thron’s first short film and it is an unusual zombie film in the sense that it focuses on humans that have successfully survived a zombie outbreak, and society has been rebuilt and reestablished. Most zombie films focus on the immediate aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and depict survivors attempting to survive as humanity descends into chaos and usually violence.

The Plot

The world depicted in ‘Spoiler’ looks much like our own, people live in cities, electricity powers homes and blocks of flats, so far so normal. However, the zombie outbreak that humanity survived was initially caused by a disease, and the threat of infection hasn’t completely vanished, but humans are better equipped to deal with it. Automated processes are in place and the authorities usually deal with any outbreaks with ‘extreme prejudice’.

‘Spoiler’ opens with an infection breaking out in an apartment in Los Angeles, and the city coroner Tommy Rossman, is pretty much on call as once of the emergency services. The film charts an incident that Tommy is called out to that requires him to manage a situation where an infected human is being pinned down by a father in his apartment; his young daughter is also trapped. The protocol requires all bio-hazard threats to be destroyed, and the film follows the events that Tommy Grossman has to handle and make life or death decisions on.

The Verdict

This is an incredible short film – the production values are high, and easily match more mainstream (and better funded) films. The acting is also of high standard, and you naturally convinced that the characters are who they are, as opposed to many short films where you know you are looking at an inexperienced and struggling actor.

The pacing, script, and the actual set-piece that the film is constructed around all suck you in to the story, and the slow burning and ominous soundtrack adds to the atmosphere. This is a must see film for all fans of the zombie/infected genre.

Watch ‘Spoiler’ 2012 below: