Shotgun Love

A (very) short zombie move by Brandon Deepwell that was made for the Rio Theater as part of a Zombie Season.

The film follows two guys who find themselves in a Zombie infested world, where the Zombies are more of a nuisance than a threat. Throughout the film the zombies come across as common pests that disturb the flow of everyday life…….like a wasp does at a picnic in summer.

One of the characters is considering proposing to his girlfriend and the short plot basically follows him to the point where he gets round to popping the question.

The effects are good and the acting does the job. What makes this short zombie film stand out is how the zombies are portrayed as accepted (but annoying) facts of life, with no real threat being posed…..although someone does get killed, it wouldn’t be a zombie film without somebody getting killed.

Running Time: 5mins 11 sec
Director: Brandon Deepwell