Scourge: The New Age (2012)

‘The Scourge’ is a short film from US director Jeffrey T. Morgan.

It is set 100 years after a World War and civilization is in tatters; cities are decaying and much of the land is poisoned.

Survivors have formed loose groups and live day to day looking for food and shelter. With the breakdown of society and law, the human race have almost returned to a feudal existence, with some larger groups being ruled over by gang warlords.

Gangs of survivors occupy abandoned buildings and pain, fear, and death are never far away.

The films follows a small group of survivors who stumble across a larger gang of brutal men who have set up base in an old factory. They are captured and imprisoned by the ruling warlord, but chaos breaks out when the warlord is attacked by another gang who seem to have an army of zombies at their disposal and under their control.

Strictly speaking, this is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi short film, as opposed to being a zombie film (the zombies don’t show up until the end anyway).

Like many zombie films that document the collapse of society the true evil and much of the fear in the film comes from the unpredictability and cruelness of the human gang-leaders, as opposed to the actual zombies.

The filming and production is mostly decent, and the acting isn’t so bad to be distracting (as can be in many short indie films). The action scenes at the end let the film down a bit and seem too staged however.

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