Rest (2012)

Rest is a US short-film by Cole Schreiber, and it is a beautifully dark and moody reflection on the human spirit and a search for peace.

The film begins with a dead soldier from World War I reanimating and digging his way out of an an unmarked grave in the European countryside 90 years after the end of the War.

The zombie soldier then makes his way on a long journey home, and we see him shuffling with determination across the landscape until he boards a boat and makes it back to America.

Once there, he makes his way across the country until he finds what he is looking for in another graveyard….we won’t ruin the beautiful ending by revealing what happens.

The film only really has two actors in it, and it is beautifully shot with some moody cinematography. The soundtrack is dark and drones throughout the film, really adding to the otherworldy and dream-like nature of the whole experience. The make-up on the zombie protagonist looks awesome too.

This is a really unique take on the zombie genre and you should definitely set aside 10 minutes to allow yourself to get drawn in to this dark, but touching short film.

Watch ‘Rest’ (2012) below:

Starring: Josh Rowe, Caitlin Helms

Director: Cole Schreiber
Cinematography: James Laxton
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
Composer: Keegan Dewitt

Producers: Brett Marty, Cherie Saulter
Make Up: Chris Proctor
Production Design: Morgan Hall
Costume Design: Aggie Guerrad Rodgers, Chris Proctor
First AC: Jay Keitel
Second Camera: Ethan Scott
Sound Recording: Marcus Thompson

The Mill NY
Visual Effects: Gigi Ng, Jade Kim
Post Producers: Maura Hurley, Bethan Thomas
Title Design: Monica Perez, Georgia Tribuiani
Sound Designer: Kevin Zimmerman
Sound Mixer: Rohan Young