Perished (2011)

Perished (2011)

Perished (2011)

‘Perished’ is a short Australian zombie film that was written and directed by Aaron McCann and Stefan Androv Radanovich.

The plot follows one man’s attempt to survive in suburban Australia when a plague/infection causes an outbreak of zombies. The zombies here haven’t risen from graves, these are freshly infected people.

For the most part, the film takes place in one location – a store-house that the main character (played extremely well by Wayne Davies – who has a touch of the ‘Rick Grimes’ about him) uses to hide in from the hoards of infected zombies outside.

The film follows his slow mental deterioration as supplies run low and the undead persistently try and get in to his makeshift sanctuary. Soon he is forced to make a decision and he must leave in order to have any hope of surviving, and that means going outside and facing his fears.

As short films go, the production qualities are very strong in ‘Perished‘ – when we see the main protagonist leave his safehouse, we get a real sense that something huge has happened – suburban Australia actually looks deserted, and plumes of black smoke hang convincingly in the distance (no second-rate CGI here).

Despite the film focusing on one individual, the shock ending of ‘Perished‘ does a great job of making you aware that this is just one story in countless, and that other survivors are going through their own struggles to survive. We won’t ruin anything by saying anything more about the ending, other than it is bold and came as a complete surprise….and as this zombie short-film only runs for 15 minutes or so, we suggest that you take some time out of your day to watch this.

This is a very slick short-film, with a high-bar for quality, that can be seen in the cinematography, acting, effects, pacing, and soundtrack. Check it out.

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