Night of the Living Dead VHS cover

Night of the Living Dead VHS covers

Here is an update for the true horror nerd and horror-historian, an image dump of old VHS covers for George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead‘.

I’m sure it will happen some day in the future, but it is hard to imagine these days how someone will come up with a new spin on the zombie genre that will be as influential as Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ was when it was released in 1968.

Up until Romero’s movie was released, most Zombie films were Gothic dramas or Voodoo mind control movies. ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ was a true modern classic, seeing actual corpses rising from their graves with no master controlling their actions, just a thirst for human flesh driving them on in their relentless quest to consume everything living in their path.

Night of the Living Dead‘ is also notable for another reason – the movie was put in the public domain due to an error where the distributor failed to put a copyright notice on the print of the movie. As a result, it has been released numerous times, and during the home video boom it was recycled by many companies all trying to make a buck or two from the movie.

Romero is pretty much responsible for dragging the zombie genre into a new age of modern horror, a genre that has made many other filmmakers and producers very rich….but the man himself made very little directly from ‘Night of the Living Dead‘……although it is fair to say he coined it in later by establishing a franchise and milking it for years to come.

With so many companies diving on this movie, like a bunch of zombies falling on a fresh corpse, all trying to fill their stomachs and get their mouthful from this unprotected potential food source, there have been many marketing departments that have signed off on a vastly disparate styles of artwork to promote this film.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the VHS cover artwork that has been plastered on various releases of ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ over the years.

Night of the Living Dead VHS covers:

This one below pretty much gives the entire story away on the rear jacket, and anyone with a suspicious mind will probably work out the twist ending as soon as all the protagonists are holed up in the farmhouse.

Night of the Living Dead VHS

This one wisely uses one of the original theatrical posters for the cover and utilises far less reckless copy on the rear sleeve.

Night of the Living Dead VHS



This is the VHS cover for the 25th Anniversary Edition.

Night of the Living Dead 25th Anniversary VHS

We also have a soft spot for this cartoonish interpretation of ‘Night of the Living Dead‘.

Night of the Living Dead VHS cover