Night of the Living Dead stick figure animation

Night of the Living Dead‘ has been pretty well-spoofed over the years, in fact it is a good sign that something has made a significant cultural impact, if it hadn’t then no-one would give a shit about creating parodies, spoofs, send-ups, and tributes.

This video is probably best placed in the ‘tribute’ bucket. It is a stick man animation of Romero’s classic black & white zombie horror, and it was created by Liquid Television and aired by MTV in the 90s….back when MTV was relevant, had music, and wasn’t a dumping ground for generic reality TV shows.

It centers around the section of the film where the survivors are trying to secure the house that they are hiding in and are about to retreat to the cellar.

The audio in the animation is taken directly from the movie, and the animation is really creative and expressive for stick figures.

There is a lot to enjoy here, and it shows more soul than some of the later remakes of the movie. Enjoy this stick figure animation of a horror classic.

Night of the Living Dead stick figure animation: