Night of the Living Dead (Colourised)

Night of the Living Dead (Colourised)

Night of the Living Dead (Colourised) Night of the Living Dead was first released in 1968 and is is held up as pretty much the birth of the modern zombie film, and it went on to basically re-write the genre and influence countless zombie films to follow.

Prior to Night of the Living Dead the majority of zombie films were centered around voodoo curses or Haitian mythology, and usually used the zombies as automatons under the mind control of an evil human (often drawing strong parallels to slavery).

Night of the Living Dead turned all this around and made sure that nobody in society was safe from the zombies….let alone privileged enough to be in control of them like a slave-master.

The zombies in Night of the Living Dead were a force unto themselves. Interestingly the ‘Z’ word is never used once in Night of the Living Dead, the zombies are referred to as ‘ghouls’.

Night of the Living Dead has had an interesting history, and over the years it has been subjected to various remakes and revisions. In 1986 a version was released that had been colourised, and the dead were given a light-green skin tone. It wasn’t especially well received, and another version was subsequently released in 1997 that attempted again to create a colourised version, but with softer more ‘natural’ tones and the Living Dead in this version has a washed out grey pallor.

You can argue why bother with the colourisation at all…did it really add anything to the film. Regradless of your stance on this, a colourised version happened and is still available…..and nothing will change that. If nothing else it is another interesting footnote in the history of this remarkable and influential horror movie.

We have written about the original Night of the Living Dead here, so we won’t repeat ourselves here, but you can check out the colourised version below and make up your own mind.

Watch Night of the Living Dead Colourised here: