Night of the Living Dead Title Screen

Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Behind the scenes footage

Night of the Living Dead Title Screen

Rare and silent behind the scenes footage from George A. Romero’s classic horror – Night of the Living Dead.

First released in 1968, this film is credited as being the birth of the modern zombie movie – previously cinematic zombies had mostly been portrayed as trance-like automatons under a voodoo spell of a malicious and self-serving human master, and they were usually set in exotic Caribbean locations. Romero flipped this, and had the dead rising from the graves with a hunger for human flesh. Despite being regarded as the father of the modern zombie movie, the actual word ‘zombie’ was never actually used in Night of the Living Dead, instead the undead are referred to as ‘ghouls’.

Romero, and his production partner Russell Streiner formed their own production company called ‘Image Ten’ in order to make the film when they managed to secure enough of a budget to get their project off the ground. This rare video footage shows cast and crew during the making of the movie and also shows some key scenes being filmed (notably Bill Cardill as the newsreader towards the end of the movie) – George Romero and Russell Streiner can both be seen in the footage.

Behind the scenes of George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’:

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