Night of the Living Bread (1990)

Night of the Living Bread 1990 ‘Night of the Living Bread’ is a spoof US short-film that ‘loosely’ follows the plot of George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

It was directed by directed by Kevin S. O’Brien and was released in 1990 – and it soon became a surprise hit and has been regularly shown on cinema screens as part of zombie and horror film festivals.

Night of the Living Bread sees an explosion at a bakery turn once normal bread into murderous slices of hate that hunt down and kill humans.

The film opens just like Night of the Living Dead, with a couple visiting a cemetery, and it doesn’t take long for the couple to get attacked from behind the gravestones by slices of bread.

They just manage to escape and seek sanctuary in a farmhouse. Once in the farmhouse, the couple meet a few more survivors who are trying to make sense of this vicious bread-related uprising.

Whilst bunkering down in the farmhouse, the survivors tune in to the radio and hear stories about bread causing deaths and killing people all over the country – no bread product is safe, even communion wafers are springing to life in churches and killing priests.

In the original Night of the Living Dead, the survivors try to secure their farmhouse by sealing up doors and windows and surrounding the house with flaming torches. The protagonists in Night of the Living Bread do the same, however, in their alternative universe they ignore torches and instead use toasters to surround the farmhouse, and use sandwich bags to line the windows and doors.

Bread Attack

Bread Attack

It’s not enough however…..a lunchbox remains unseen in the basement, and more bread attacks occur and the survivors are slowly whittled down until, much like in the original film, only one is left. Will anyone survive ‘Night of the Living Bread’?

The film itself is way more enjoyable than you’d expect and the actual treatment of the film is pretty authentic to Romero’s original – the whole 8 minutes are filmed in black and white with location, camera angles, and filters that all make it look like it was filmed alongside the original Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Bread managed to make such a name for itself that it was actually approved by George A. Romero and was included as an extra feature on the millennium editions of the Night of the Living Dead on DVD. The film has even been screened on US TV alongside the original Romero film.

There is a lot of love for this horror-spoof, and it is easy to understand why – it remains a loving tribute, as well as a well thought-out pastiche of the original.

Watch ‘Night of the Living Bread’ below: