nearly dead

Nearly Dead (2012)

nearly dead Running Time: 25:32 minutes
Directed by: Jonathan Maynard

‘Nearly Dead’ is a fun short film that is set in a retirement home, that sees 4 elderly men (the ‘nearly dead’ of the title) fighting to save their nursing home from zombies.

The film opens with the four old men hatching an elaborate plan to get their TV sets back, which have been confiscated by the retirement home’s ruthless and bullying manager, Francois.

The men put their plan into action and when they find their TV sets, they see news reports announcing that the world is being taken over by zombies and that people should stay indoors. When the old guys try to tell the staff of the nursing home about the danger, they are just brushed off as being senile.

Anyway, the zombies attack the home and that is when the fun starts. The acting is suitably hammy, but it doesn’t really detract from the film and it kind of adds to the sense of fun.

The zombies themselves are straight out of the George A Romero ‘zombie book’ (which we approve of!) – they are shuffling, shambling threats that are even slower than the old men starring in the film. The violence is slapstick and the blood and gore is pretty well done. Despite being a comedy, there is enough spurting blood in this to keep gore fans happy.

So if you want to see old guys fighting off zombies with walking sticks, then this film is for you.

Watch ‘Nearly Dead’ below: