Mutants (2009)

Mutants (2009)

Mutants 2009 film

Mutants is a French sci-fi zombie film that was released in 2009. It was directed by David Morlet and is based on a screenplay by Louis-Paul Desanges and David Morlet.

So, what’s it about?:

Do you want some easy and arguably inevitable drama in a zombie film? Make a member of the group of survivors you have chosen to focus on become infected. Still want to up the ante? Make that infected person the husband or wife of another in the group of survivors? Want to make it more dramatic still? You can make the spouse of the infected pregnant. It’s cheap drama befitting a cheap movie and Mutants is happy to oblige.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A virus has infected a large portion of the human population, causing the infected to become feral, almost zombie like, causing a small group of survivors to have to hold up in an abandoned building in order to try to survive. Throw in all that baby drama mentioned earlier and you have the makings of the incredibly derivative film that is Mutants.

Nothing about this movie is original or worth your time. Despite being polished, the movie looks grey and muted and gross like every other dystopian future movie made in the last ten years. It seems like we get it in all movies about the bleak future, I guess the thinking goes like this: It looked really cool in The Road so what better way to telegraph the dire situation that your characters are in than practically drain all of the color from the film so it looks like it is permanent gray scale. Unfortunately, Mutants does not have the thematic weight, the writing, or the care of something like The Road, which makes the gray scale palette come across as more uninspired flash, than providing a tangible point.

Mutants 2009

Mutants (2009)

The film was shot in a snow-covered Picardy, in Northern France and offers some bleak looking settings, but too often it comes across as dull….as opposed to unnerving or unsettling.

The look of the zombies is also incredibly dull; nothing you haven’t seen done better on The Walking Dead. The zombies are also fast, which when done well can be fresh, but as done here comes off as just another ploy to try to keep the audience interested in what transpires. At one point, the zombie-mutants even walk around like a pack of wolfs on a tactical mission to hunt down some prey, an image that is supposed to look intimidating but just comes across as jokey and ridiculous.

Mutants (2009)

Mutants (2009)

Really, the whole of Mutants is the attempt to display something serious and terrifying but failing with such utter exuberance as to feel like a parody being played completely straight-faced. The polished production values can’t save the tired themes or thin plot here.

There is probably a good zombie film to be made out of a wife trying to protect the infected-father of her unborn child, but Mutants lacks the nuance and sophistication to be that movie.

In general the movie received mixed reviews, and there are some horror fans out there that really enjoyed it… maybe you’ll find something here that we didn’t. Check out the clips and links below to discover more on this zombie movie.

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Full movie of Mutants below in French (with some dodgy but readable English subtitles).

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Written by: JJ Perkins