The Return of the Living Dead

More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead
More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead is a feature length documentary that revisits the cast and crew behind the comedy-horror classic Return of the Living Dead’ that was originally released in 1985.

‘Return of the Living Dead’ shook up the horror and zombie genre when it was first released by combining horror, comedy, and razor sharp wit and satire into a fast paced movie experience.

As well as showing that comedy and horror could mix without diluting either, Return of the Living Dead’ also introduced the world to zombies that could run and chase you down, and also gave birth to zombies that craved human brains……

This documentary is narrated by Brian Peck who plays Scuz in the film, and it goes into way more depth than any of the extras on various DVD releases of ‘Return of the Living Dead‘ ever has. This is a feast of information that fans of this film will love chewing on.

The documentary does a great job of pulling together cast members, as well as producers, makeup and special effects artists, production designers, and various execs to elaborate on the complicated background surrounding the birth of this movie, which was mired in legal red-tape between George Romero and John Russo (the original writer of ‘Return of the Living Dead‘) over the ownership of the term ‘Living Dead’. Dan O’Bannon (and also the writer and visual supervisor on the 1979 horror classic ‘Alien‘) took the role of director (after Tobe ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘ Hooper) pulled out and pretty much re-wrote the entire script to sufficiently distinguish it from Russo’s original work.

The documentary traces the development of the film from inception and funding, all the way through to casting, creating special effects, filming, and great anecdotes are peppered throughout by the cast members – covering everything from disagreements, fights, insecurities, stripping and much more.

The cast members are open and honest and reveal insights into their personal situations at the time of filming – for example, Beverly Randolph talks about her fear when she first went to Dan O’Bannon’s house to talk about her role and found his house full of guns, with pornography on the TV in the background, and Miguel A. Nunez Jr reveals that he was homeless when he was cast in his role. Plus find out which role Leslie Nielsen was considered for.

This is mostly a great documentary on the genesis of this cult classic horror film, and it well worth any horror-fan’s time.

Also you get to see what Tarman the zombie actually looks like!!

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