In The Flesh (2013)

Running Time: 30:58
Directed by: Alex Childress

This is a short film about a young group of friends who set out to make a zombie movie, but they find that things become all too real when they find themselves in the middle of an actual zombie apocalypse. All very ‘meta’.

The film-makers get a shock when actual zombies start showing up in the middle of their lo-budget production, and soon find themselves trying to escape to an evacuation point.

Despite the low budget, this film has decent enough effects (although some of the blood spatters sometimes look too manipulated) and the energy and pace of the film keeps you engaged in the action.

This is a fun comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the fun and enthusiasm that the filmmakers are actually having whilst making this film shines through and is infectious (no pun intended).


  • Cody Conrad as Ted Young
  • Marc Lewis as Chad Mayo
  • Nick Owen as Jett Ryans
  • Greg Thorn as Cliff Michaels
  • Taylor Mazur as Jenny Sumner
  • Keelan Marshall as The Soldier