Home – The Short Zombie Film (2011)

Running Time: 11:29
Director: Cameron McCulloch

‘Home’ is a short zombie film from Australia that was directed by Cameron McCulloch on a small budget of around $2,000 Australian dollars.

It tells the story of a lone woman trying to survive in a remote part of Australia. We see her patrolling the land that she lives on and trying to hunt for food to survive on. She has various noise-maker traps set up that ring bells when a zombie stumbles on the wires when they try to enter the perimeter, so she gets early warning of potential attacks.

This short film isn’t really about physical survival though, the focus is on mental survival and trying to preserve what is left of humanity, whilst also trying to process and deal with all that has been lost – it soon becomes clear that the woman was recently married and has lost her husband. Well we say ‘lost’…..we actually mean she has his zombified corpse locked in the basement.

The woman needs to make some decisions. With no end to the zombies approaching her hideout her escape and future chances of survival look bleak, but more importantly can she leave the husband that she still loves.

There is no dialog in the film and it is a testament to the acting that the feelings struggles of the main character comes across so clearly. The production values are high, and the zombies wandering around have good quality make-up.

This is definitely worth watching just to find how how the woman deals with her predicament, it’s not what you expect. This short-film is a nice, albeit very dark, take about love and losses in a world gone to shit.

‘Home’ was shown at a number of indie flim festivals and won numerous awards, including:

  • Winner Best Film: M.I.M Film Festival
  • Winner Best Actress: Blood Fantastique Film
  • Winner: Best Australian Short: A Night Of horror international Film Festival.
  • Winner Best Actress: West Side Shorts.

Watch ‘Home’ below: