George A Romero

George Romero interview

George A Romero George A. Romero, arguably the ‘godfather’ of the modern zombie film, sits down for this 45 minute interview about his life and work in front of students and a faculty as part of the ‘TIFF’ (TIFF is a charitable cultural organization with a mission to transform the way people see the world, through film) interview series.

Romero talks openly about his career, and is humble in his opinions and candid about the mistakes that he feels he has made.

He talks at length about the making of Night of the Living Dead, and also goes int depth on the mistakes he made that led to the movie being out of copyright and entering the public domain.

Romero also talks about how he feels on his work being used as cultural and social commentary, and is pretty open about the mostly unplanned chain of events that ledNight of the Living Dead getting held up as a commentary on race issues in 1960s America.

Also, did you know that 1 week into filming, Romero and the crew managed to get some funding and had a discussion about restarting the film again, but in colour – until Romero argued that they should stay in black and white as it made the blood and gruesome scenes look more gory. There are plenty more anecdotes and insights into all of his zombie films in this interview – well worth watching.

George Romero interview 2013: