Fat Zombie 2014

Fat Zombie (2014)

Fat Zombie 2014

Directed by Michael Larson, and written by James Larson and Michael Larson, Fat Zombie is short zombie-comedy that was released in 2014.

Whenever I hear the words ‘Fat Zombie’ I immediately think about the bloated, fat, shuffling corpse that emerges from the boat at the start of Zombi 2….but the ‘Fat Zombie‘ in question here is far more cuddly and far less scary.

The film focuses on a overweight zombie called Lester who is seeing a psychiatrist about matters of the heart.. Lester has recently fallen in love with another zombie, and being undead doesn’t make flirting any easier for an overweight zombie with self-esteem issues. There is a nice scene where Lester is feasting on a corpse with a pack of other zombies and he tries flirting with the female zombie that has caught his attention – she too is eating the same corpse and their eyes meet as they are shoveling fist-fulls of innards into their mouths for their recent victim.

Lester is too scared to make a move on his love interest and confesses to his shrink “She wouldn’t like me, I’m fat, I’m dead, and I’m starving“.

The short-film follows Lester’s plans, and failures, to woo the woman (zombie) of his dreams, and without giving too much away, things don’t go to for this fat zombie. But fate has other plans for this lovable failure and the ending has a great, blood-soaked nod, to the famous kiss scene from Disney’s ‘The Lady and the Tramp’.

This is a fun 6 minutes where the zombies still struggle with their human fears, such as inadequacy, self-loathing, and love….and if George Romero can play around with the idea of ‘self-aware’ zombies (Land of the Dead 2005), then why can’t these guys.

Fat Zombie‘ appeared on the Funny Or Die network, so if you have ever seen any of the shorts there then you will pretty much know what you are getting here – slick production, better than average script, and unsubtle but mostly funny jokes and scenes.

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