Directory of Zombie short films

This is a directory of short zombie films, intended as a celebration of those independent producers and film-makers that gave up their own time and money to get their own vision of zombies preserved forever on film. Don’t forget, some full-length zombie films actually started their (undead) life as a short – for example, Shaun of the Dead was born from a 30 minute episode of the UK comedy ‘Spaced’.

In the list below you will find live action, animation, comedy, and and all manner of styles and approaches to the zombie genre. Basically the only real common theme is that all the films listed are under an hour in length, and they are all centered around the zombie genre.

Each film is listed by year, and you will also find links to watch the short zombie films if they are available in the public domain……oh, and one more thing, and as this is an ongoing project feel free to drop us an email with a link to any zombie shorts that we may have missed that you feel warrant inclusion, you can find us shuffling around and groaning at: frustratedzombie[at]gmail[dot]com

By the way, don’t forget to also check-out our list of full-length zombie films.

1990s Zombie Films

Film Year Director Description More info
Night of the Living Bread 1990 Kevin S. O’Brien Parody of Night of the Living Dead. Pretty authentic too. More


2000s Zombie Films

Film Year Director Description More info
The Lost Tape: Andy’s Terrifying Last Days Revealed 2004 Zack Snyder Short film for DVD release of the Dawn of the Dead remake. A video diary of Andy from the gun-shop. Companion piece to the film. More
Bitten 2009 Mark Fieldhouse and Andrew Cairns Black & White short about a man recently infected during a zombie outbreak. More
Zombies at Work 2009 Alexandre Nicol French film about work colleges getting trapped at work during a zombie outbreak. More
Zombies and Cigarettes 2009 Rafa Martinez and Iñaki San Román Spanish short about a young man trapped in a shopping mall when zombies arrive. He needs to survive, and impress the girl he has a crush on. Comedy-horror. More


2010s Zombie Films

Film Year Director Description More info
Bind 2010 Brian Forrest Award-winning short film about a man’s decision on what to do with his infected wife. More
ZZZZombies 2010 David King Animation about a man waking up to a zombie uprising. More
Axed 2010 Joshua Long Insane action filled film where a man must survive threats from zombies, the army, and the infected. Award winning Australian short. More
Home 2011 Cameron McCulloch Australian short film detailing one woman’s attempts at survival, whilst dealing with her lost love. Award-winning short. More
Shotgun Love 2011 Branden Deepwell A short film about finding love during a zombie apocalypse. More
Perished 2011 Aaron McCann and Stefan Androv Radanovich. A short film about a man trying to survive an outbreak in suburban Australia. A must see. More
Nearly Dead 2012 Jonathan Maynard Comedy set in a retirement home, and 4 old men need to protect it from a wave of zombies. More
Spoiler 2012 Daniel Thron Gripping short that depicts humanity thriving after a zombie outbreak, but the threat of infection is a persistent dark cloud on the horizon. More
Rest 2012 Cole Schreiber Stunning dark short about a World War I soldier that rises from the grave and returns home. This is a thoughtful and beautiful addition to the zombie genre. must see.. More
2 Hours 2012 Michael Ballif Crowd-funded short about an infected man trying to survive More
The Scourge 2012 Jeffrey T. Morgan Post-apocalypse dystopia featuring gangs and zombies. More
In The Flesh 2013 Alex Childress Action-comedy where friends making a zombie film, find themselves in an actual zombie outbreak More
Anger of the Dead 2013 Francesco Picone Slick looking short dealing with two survivors of a zombie epidemic. Multi award-winning zombie action. More
The Z Line 2013 Chris Garris and Silas Rowland A small town gets quarantined and one teen tries to cross the border, or the Z Line, in order to find freedom. More
Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness 2014 Mitch Cohen Comedy where a loser who is about to kill himself discovers that he has plenty to live for when a virus causes zombies to start taking over the world. More
Fat Zombie 2014 Michael Larson Lester is an overweight zombie with self-esteem issues, which doesn’t help him when he start sto fall in love with another zombie. More