Bitten (2009)

‘Bitten’ is a short-film by Scottish writer and director team Mark Fieldhouse and Andrew Cairns.

The film opens with a public service announcement telling the public to avoid the diseased and gives advice on how to spot the symptoms should you feel that you have been infected. We then hear a panicked phonecall from a guy calling a friend and it becomes clear that the outbreak has only just happened and everyone is scared and confused: “there is no way I can make it over tonight they are fucking everywhere”. We then hear a scream and the phone call is cut short.

‘Bitten’ follows the last moments of man that has been bitten by the infected/zombies and manages to retreat to his apartment where he tries to comes to terms with his situation. Filmed in black and white, and taking place in the protagonists flat, this is a claustrophobic short-film that attempts to reveal the painful, and limited choices, that a recently bitten individual has to come to terms with….should he kill himself before he turns? Can he go through with it?

Amazingly this was filmed on a budget of only £8, on location in Edinburgh. Worth checking out, so watch it below:

Watch ‘Bitten’ below: