Bind (2010)

Running Time: 7:05
Director: Brian Forrest

‘Bind’ is an award winning short-film that follows one man’s struggles and dilemmas with an infected wife.

The film opens with the protagonist entering his secured home and we hear on the radio in the background that the infection has got so out of control that the army are no longer doing rescue missions and are only focused on ‘search and destroy’ missions to rid the cities of the infected.

The man that this film follows has his infected wife chained up, and is clinging on to rumours that some of the infected have recovered after taking the right medicine. As the pressure mounts, he fears that the army are only days away from finding him and his infected wife, so he tries to take matters into his own hands.

This is a decent short film that has a startling and abrupt ending.

‘Bind’ won various awards at Independent film festivals, including:

  • Best Actor – Indie Horror Film Festival
  • Best Short Film – Fear Fete Film Festival
  • Silver – Las Vegas Film Festival
  • Merit Award – Indie Fest

Watch ‘Bind’ below: