Anger of the Dead (2013)

Anger of the Dead (2013)

Anger of the Dead (2013)

Anger of the Dead is an Italian , and multi award-winning short zombie film by writer and director Francesco Picone.

The plot follows two characters (Alice and Nicholas) who have survived an epidemic that turned most of the world into undead zombies, leaving the world ravaged and desolate.

The film opens with a short scene that that sets the premise of the film. Alice and Nicholas are talking in a cafe when a woman on a nearby table suddenly transforms into a zombie and attacks the person she is with – the film then cuts to a montage of scenes showing smoking cities and general chaos suggesting that the spread of the epidemic was quick and lethal – not much has remained of civilised human society.

Alive and Nicholas have survived though, and we re-join them as they scavenge for supplies and fuel amongst abandoned cars on a bridge.

They get attacked by a number of zombies, but another survivor appears who is heavily armed…….but should Alice and Nicholas be more fearful of the humans or the zombies?

This short film is firmly in the camp where the real terror of a zombie apocalypse comes not from the undead, but from the human survivors, where trust and compassion are very scare commodities. At least zombies are predictable….

Whilst not breaking any new ground, Anger of the Dead is a great looking short film – the cinematography is slick, and the scenes have a genuine apocalyptic feel about them.

The special effects are good and there is no poor CGI to spoil the effects – this looks like 100% make-up and buckets of blood. The zombies look authentic, and very, very angry – the only point of distraction was the deep guttural growls they made that made them sound like tigers at times.

The subtitles are also a distraction purely because they aren’t very good. Some of the English doesn’t really make sense…..and comes out somewhat fractured, and bit more time spent on translation would have improved the film hugely.

Watch ‘Anger of the Dead’:

– Best Director Award – Interiora Horror Fest (screening 31st October,2013 – ceremony November, 2 Italy)
– Best Short Tohorror Film Fest (november 12, 2013 – ceremony November, 16 – Italy)
– Best Horror Short “Nero Cafè Award” Tolfa Short Film Festival 2014 (Italy)

Official Selections:
– Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego (USA-October 27-2013)
– XII Short Film Contest Horror and Gore 2013#Horror Film Festival Molins de Rei (november 1, 2013 Spain)
– Festival du Film Fantastique de Rouen (october 19, 2013 – France)
– Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film2013 (10/16/2013 Serbia)
– “III Setmana of cinema horror and fantastic of Girona, Acocollona’t” (October 29 and November 3, in Girona, Spain)
– The 34th Oporto International Film Festival – Fantasporto’2014 — Official Fantasy Section (Portugal)
– CuneoFilmFestival (Italy – 12/21/2013)
– Cluj Shorts International Short Film Festival 2014 (Romania 27/30 of March)
– Ciruelo Freak Cinema 2014 (Spain)
– Shock Stock 2014 (Canada)
– Fantafestival 2014 (Italy)
– Official Selection “Corto di Sera 2014” (Italy)
– Official Selection “TortonaCorto Horror” (07/16/2014 – Italy)
– Official Selection Twisted Tails Film Festival 2014 (Texas- USA)
– Official Selection HorrorQuest (USA)
– Official Selection Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival (October 18, 2014 – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
– Official Selection INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION of the 9th ClipAward International Short Film Festival (October 3-5, 2014 Mannheim Germany)
– Official Selection Terror Fest Perù 2014
– Official Selection Horrorthon Dublin festival 2014
– Official Selection Cinema fantástico e de horror no Cartaxo (Portugal)