Amando de Ossorio poses with a Knights Templar

This is a great behind the scenes photo of Amando de Ossorio poses with one of his undead Knights Templar creations from his popular Blind Dead series of films, which included ‘Tombs of the Blind Dead‘, ‘Return of the Evil Dead‘, ‘The Ghost Galleon‘ and ‘Night of the Seagulls‘.

Ossario took a different spin on the zombie format, and he portrayed his undead as historical Knights’ Templar who become excommunicated for turning to Satan and are subsequently hanged for their crimes. Their bodies are left to rot and their eyes are pecked out by crows.

They are understandably pretty pissed off by this and in their death they rise form the grave as rotten skeletal corpses and hunt by sound in order to find fresh blood to feast on.

The films in the Blind Dead series all feature the Knights Templar, and they are probably Amando de Ossorio’s most famous creation, his other forays into horror were less successful and didn’t gain the same cult status as his Blind Dead series. These undead skeletal zombies that hunted by sound remain one of the more interesting characters the were birthed from the European horror-film explosion of the 1970s.

Behind the scenes shot from the Blind Dead series showing Amando de Ossorio posing with one of his undead Knights Templar:


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